12 Best Online Survey Software 2023 (Updated)

12 Best Online Survey Software 2023 (Updated)

Online surveys are an excellent method to collect input from your audience. You will be able to utilize online surveys to find out more about product feedback, market research, feedback from customer service, assess staff happiness, and much more. In this way, you will be able to find out about your readers. 

Here is all you need to know about software for online surveys.

What is Online Survey?

Users build online surveys, quizzes, surveys, and other Web formats via Survey Software. These get subsequently disseminated to a target audience of an organization for market research or feedback. 

For companies, survey software packages give insight into the participants about events, initiatives, customer service, or other business issues. Surveys are usually distributed on a company's website using email or pop-ups. 

Survey tools may also get used to carrying out questionnaire-based research by non-business bodies for personal use or in academia.

List of Best Online Survey Tools

1. WPForms

WPForms is the best plugin on the market for the WordPress contact form.


Features of WPForms

It has different features like

  • This has a powerful surveys and surveys add-on that enables the fast creation of very attractive survey forms.
  • You may mix the addon surveys and surveys and other strong WPForms functions such as conditional logic, multi-page formats, personalized notifications, email integrations, etc.
  • With a touch of a button, you can add any form element, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, rating ratings, the Likert scale, the NPS score field, and more to your surveying.
  • WPForms automatically generates lovely reports based on survey results with graphs and charts. You may display survey results in a shortcode on any WordPress page or redirect your users to the results page once they complete the poll.
  • WPForms enables survey reporting on any of your current forms. You may export lovely survey charts as social media pictures or your presentations from PowerPoint.
  • They may also be printed to be included in your suggestions or pitches.

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2. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey software and surveys tool that stretches the limits of surveys significantly.


Features of Qualtrics

It has various characteristics such as:

  • It includes about 100+ types of questions, many easy-to-use survey templates, and features like display logic, email triggers, and logical connectivity.
  • The customers may select from more than 30 various types of diagrams and export findings into CSV or SPSS, including their real-time website reports.
  • The Survey Flow screen offers the best-in-class views of "forest" and "tree" surveys.
  • It offers outstanding help for transportation or disguised response alternatives.
  • Non-modal issue editing is available.
  • The mobile and desktop surveys can also get viewed synchronously.
  • One of its disadvantages is the ability to keep several shared reports, including or excluding different data cuts.
  • It also lacks a project management "to-do list."
  • It's costly, too. The bundle "Research Core 1," has all the design delights but lacks state-of-the-art analysis, costs around $1500 each year.
  • Qualtrics adopts a uniquely deliberate and powerful approach via various phases of survey development, fieldwork and reporting.


3. HubSpot CRM Software

HubSpot's out-of-the-box survey solutions provide a deeper understanding of your consumers by capturing qualitative and quantitative feedback.


Features of HubSpot CRM Software

It has some excellent characteristics, for example:

  • You can design and provide surveys on your website and by email using HubSpot.
  • The tool helps you to select the correct format for your survey and monitoring your surveys so that your client experience may be improved over time.
  • Consumer loyalty may be measured over time using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.
  • To assess how simple it is for customers to receive the help they need, you may provide customers effort scores
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys may also be distributed to assess how happy consumers are after key stages in their customer journey.
  • So that your complete team can monitor changes in customer satisfaction in due time, keep track of all your customer fees in one dashboard.


4. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most famous online survey software and questionnaire solutions used by millions of companies worldwide.

survey monkey

Features of Survey Monkey

There are several features like:

  • It offers 15 distinct sorts of survey questions to its consumers.
  • However, this tool is suitable for single surveys but less appropriate for overalls or re-surveys after a specific length of time. This tool may be used as a single survey.
  • While a large number of survey applications provide a range of templates, SurveyMonkey is placing them in the foreground.
  • The mobile app is convenient to check survey status.
  • There is an extensive question library.
  • Many integrations produce a high market share.
  • One of the minor drawbacks is the absence of logic display support.
  • Another inconvenience is that lower pricing levels give less value.
  • The free level also provides access to mobile applications that allow you to verify your survey progress, including several 'collectors' to identify response groupings that will facilitate further processing.
  • The "Best Wert" A $32 Advantage Plan monthly or yearly requested at $384 adds capabilities such as responder quotas that comply with specific criteria and basic pipework, or 'carrying forward' that allow chosen questions to be utilized to further filter the replies.


5. Survey Planet

If you are relatively new to the survey industry and are ready to compromise capacity for easy usage, it might be worth considering the SurveyPlanet online survey tool.

survey planet

Features of Survey Planet

It has different characteristics:

  • The user interface is sleek and simple.
  • Overviews of branching questions are provided.
  • It's quite cheap.
  • SurveyPlanet is so clean and well-spaced that a mobile application may be mistaken for its core user interface (UI).
  • Although its range of questions is restricted, the capacity within the cap is sufficient to fulfill the demands of many customers.
  • One drawback is that matrix queries are not supported.
  • The sorts of questions are likewise limited.
  • The panel purchasing option is also not included. Another drawback.
  • The feature set of SurveyPlanet may not be approachable to other packages, but its cost does not come close.
  • The one major precaution is the failure to export data from the survey; this is especially serious considering the lack of reporting analysis.


6. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey delivers a wonderful blend of power and usability.

zoho survey

Features of Zoho Survey

It offers several characteristics, such as:

  • The Zoho survey helps to achieve permanent experience in real-time consumer surveys on any device.
  • Zoho Survey delivers customized surveys to suit your brand and style with specific subjects.
  • Now, companies can immediately share the survey with anybody utilizing e-mail campaigns and social network contact lists with Zoho Survey.
  • Zoho Survey gives visual images that assist analyze Google data without handling the entire key data gathering.
  • It supports offline investigations.
  • Integration with other apps of Zoho is also available.
  • The mobile app enables survey replies to be monitored.
  • Zoho Survey provides a variety of sharing opportunities, including offline survey support, password protection, and quotas.
  • It supports several reports, filters, and crosstabs, and offers several data graphic choices.
  • One of the drawbacks is that display logic is not supported.
  • Question Blocks are not supported as well.
  • There's a limited free tier in the Zoho Survey. A $20 per month subscription is available for many of its features, with a $5 per month additional features including e-mail notifications, question piping, usage of custom variables, and white-labeling capability.


7. Survey Gizmo

SurveyGizmo is an early PCMag editor choice but still has a fantastic feature set on a very accessible, though occasionally rather excessive, user interface (UI).

Features of Survey Gizmo

Certain functionalities are available:

  • SurveyGizmo facilitates the development of payment forms, questionnaires, and surveys.
  • SurveyGizmo provides you with some well-organized templates, while SurveyMonkey doesn't.
  • Pages may hold questions, text, or other material, as well as activities like email transfers, transfers of data to Google Sheets, or any number of personalized tasks.
  • Operations are simplified in Bulk Edit mode.
  • The layout and reporting functions are sophisticated.
  • Conferences, forums, telephones, and videos are highly supported.
  • One of its drawbacks is that there are some logical boundaries.
  • SurveyGizmo's reporting tools are great.
  • It supports worldwide crosstalks.
  • SurveyGizmo produces free text clouds automatically.
  • The Consumer version prices offer a free level with limitless questions, but otherwise seriously constrained.
  • SurveyGizmo also provides monthly, but high premiums billing.


8. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free online survey tool that enables users to quickly and easily collect surveys through a drag & drop interface.

Features of Google Forms

Here are some of the features:

  • These surveys may get fully modified concerning design.
  • The program offers you information and graphics on real-time responses.
  • These data can also get linked to other products from Google.
  • The free-to-use Google Forms is a perfectly suitable tool that takes no expertise or talent to use and is accessible as a personal issue for free or for business as part of the G Suite.
  • Answers are automatically recorded in Google Sheets to facilitate subsequent transfer simply to an Excel table or database.
  • The main weaknesses of Google Forms include the possibility of performing a survey numerous times unless receivers have a Google Account and are ready to log in.
  • Before you spend much, it may get help to check whether it is enough. Or at least to indicate which product features you have purchased you would want.


9. Question Pro

QuestionPro is one of the finest surveys software of the year and generates appealing online surveys for product feedback, customer satisfaction, and market research. QuestionPro is a small- and medium-sized company web-based survey tool.


Features of Question Pro

Some of the characteristics include:

  • This survey software makes online surveys and surveys easy for firms to produce.
  • They provide many survey templates and over 30 different sorts of questions.
  • Surveys can be submitted to responders by email or using integrated pop-ups to target visitors.
  • The program provides fast and powerful capabilities for easy customization and points.
  • The user can build his logos, pictures, typefaces, and more according to his brand.
  • QuestionPro enables over 30 types of survey templates that get professionally created.
  • The program helps to work effectively with teams regardless of the location.
  • It contains customized surveillance URLs, data analytics tools, email marketing, mobile survey, offline responses collection, question branches, and question libraries.


10. TypeForm

Where other survey tools focus on the complexity and the data you can extract from a questionnaire, Typeform adopts a different approach.


Features of TypeForm

It has various features like:

  • Typeform is an online survey program with an easy-to-use interface that enables users to collect questionnaires.
  • The procedure of completing a survey as a responder is smooth.
  • Free features such as limitless questions and replies, data export options, customized subjects, readily-made templates, and essential reporting functions get included in the free edition of Typeform.
  • The focus is on user interaction, thinking that the best approach to receive answers is to include the end-user and to obtain better answers through it.
  • The typesetting approach looks to be working effectively, achieving the industry standard by average four times as high as the completion rate.
  • Service starts with the package Essentials that includes a range of basic features.
  • Upgrade to the Professional Plan and get up to 5.000 answers, unlimited logical leaps, and HubSpot conversion monitoring.
  • But the Professional Plan is reduced if it gets paid annually.
  • Each of them is limited to one person, although company discounts are available.


11. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is an online survey platform that allows you to ask the correct person at the right time.


Features of Qualaroo

Some of the characteristics of Qualaroo are here:

  • Qualaroo is the technology that enables companies to ask the correct questions in due course.
  • It allows users to obtain insight, user satisfaction, and lead-generating information in the correct context, ten times more valuable than email surveys.
  • With Qualaroo, you may select from a range of professionally designed templates a template for your online surveys, which can get customized according to your needs.
  • It has boundless knots.
  • It has further segmentation of the audience.
  • IBM Watson is conducting a feeling analysis.
  • Visual customization can also get done.
  • The campaign has been consulted for feedback.
  • It has improved export capacity
  • It also includes strong Google Analytics, Marketplace, Zapier, Slack, and more connections.


12. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is the leading online survey platform in the market offering comprehensive advanced features to help you make the most of your data.


Key SoGoSurvey features:

  • Explore 100+ survey templates to find the one that fits your purpose
  • Implement interactive features including powerful skip logic, automatic transitions, and more to engage your audience and increase response rates
  • Let your questions adapt to what your participants are saying with piping
  • Powerful and comprehensive distribution ensures that you can connect with your participants on their preferred platforms
  • Real-time results and dynamic reports allow you to spot trends over time and see answer patterns
  • Easily export reports to numerous formats including Excel, HTML, SPSS, XML, Word, and more Powerful integrations


How to Choose the Right Online Questionnaire Software?

1. Good Safety

Most suppliers of software surveys online will include a statement on confidentiality and security on their sites. If you go for anything greater than a medium-sized firm, you undoubtedly require insurance, perhaps written promises.

2. Flexible Themes

Good software for online surveys should give you templates and the flexibility to modify the subject. The colors, the layout, and the design should be easy to modify. You don't need a studio here, but sufficient to make it seem decent.

3. Varied Appearances

Making a more interactive questionnaire encourages respondents to complete their survey, even when the issue is not of particular interest to the respondents.

4. Various Sorts of Questions

You may desire more sorts of questions than you may initially assume. Sometimes respondents cannot recall this information or do not want to disseminate it.

5. Powerful Tools for Routing

Complex questionnaire routing logic is vital and sometimes overlooked by someone with an essential software tool. Bracket expressions can be specified using and, or/not, and many more.

6. Good Tools for Dealing with Questions

There is a danger that respondents may pick the brands nearer to their top if you have a list of brands. The order of the marks should get randomized, or the order for half the sample reversed. 

7. Sophisticated Data Outputs

Excel is a fantastic tool in fast numbers or pivot lists, but the grouping of codes or the combination of responses from more than one question is a very laborious process and does not work for a survey of more than a few questions.

Online Survey Platform Components

  • Questionnaire design

It gets used for adding, processing, and arranging different questions, providing answers, and building logic. Some questionnaire builders can import Microsoft Word skeleton questions. The majority of solutions have the opportunity to skip specific sections of a survey, and to proceed on a subsequent issue.

  • Distribution

After completing the questionnaire, it is ready to go into the world or at least to the tiny portion of it that you want to examine. A web link that gets available on a site or social media will be made available for all bundles.

Some packages get added by offering direct access to several social media networks. Some including integrated contact managers and trackers for email campaigns.

  • Reporting

Since survey answers arrive or have gotten completed, you want to see how individuals have answered. All goods may see how individual respondents responded to all questions. More complex solutions may add additional metrics, such as averages and response count, to these diagrams. And filter the findings based on answers to specific queries.

Benefits of using Online Poll Software

1. Faster

On average, two-thirds longer than traditional techniques is the time taken to conduct an online survey project.

2. Cheaper

Your research expenditures get reduced by using online surveys. You will save money on mailing and don't need to spend time and money entering the information in a database.

3. More precisely

With online surveys, the margin of error decreases since participants immediately enter their answers into the system.

4. Easy to Analyze

The online survey results are always accessible for analysis.

5. Easy to use for participants

The participants may select an appropriate time using an online survey and the time required for completing the form is significantly less.

6. For scholars, easy to use

Researchers profit from online surveys by increasing output while saving time.

7. Styling easy

An online survey is a way of impressing your brand and of reminding them of your benefits.

8. More Frank

Market researchers have discovered the participants are more likely than participants in traditional surveys or telephone interviews to complete online surveys, generally providing long, comprehensive responses.

9. More Selective

You may pre-screen participants and enable people to take the survey only when they fit your target profile.

10. Increased Flexibility

Depending on the answer to a preceding question, the sequence of questions in an online survey might get altered or questions overlapped.

Online Survey Software FAQ

Q1. What is the best survey tool online?

Starting with Google Forms or SoGoSurvey is strongly suggested.

Q2. How to select the best WordPress survey tool?

You may build survey formats and insert them into WordPress via several internet providers. The drawback of these forms is that you have limited modification choices for stored data on third-party servers.

Q3. What to look for in a plugin for WordPress Survey?

An excellent survey plugin looks excellent and easy to use. For surveys, reporting is essential. You need the maximum user involvement attractive, entertaining, and easy.



Finally, the online inquiry, now accessible via several channels, including your website course, email, digital, physical events, and social media, is one of the vital mechanisms for collecting any data.

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