What is GoForPost?
GoForPost is a service provider that aims to help over a million of people gets a good ranking in all search engine platforms, gain more exposure from reputable and large business’ sites, and generates more revenue and profit; all through outreach services. It is built by a group of experts from different industries joining hands to transform the traditional method of outreach marketing into a much-effective strategy.
How do I get started?
Thank you for using GoForPost! To start your journey to success, you need to sign up and buy a monthly subscription on our website. You can find it by clicking SIGN UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION. After the success of signing up, you can now start checking out the prospects for guest post and blog comments. We have also included the services of influencer marketing and guest post.
What is Blogger outreach?
Blogger Outreach is one of the most effective ways for people to communicate with today’s prominent bloggers and influencers from different industries that can lead to building a strong partnership with them. Once both parties stabilize a good collaboration, it will result in gaining more audience, securing guest posts opportunities, and increase their overall online reputation.
What options do I have when I decide to avail your outreach services?
You will be given an option whether to do manual outreach or hire us to do it for you. If you choose to do manual outreach, you can start by accessing the outreach records. Outreach records consist of a list of blogs and sites of online influencers from different industries. Choose as many blogs or sites as you want, after you choose you can start reaching out to those sites by clicking the OUTREACH button on the right side of each site’s name. But if you want to avoid the stress and save time, you can always hire us by placing an order.
What is social media outreach?
Outreach program wouldn’t be complete without social media influence. And just like in blogger outreach, social media outreach can result: raising awareness to your brand, increasing engagement on content and so on. The best thing about social media outreach is you can use another approach to your brand, less formal compared to the traditional corporate approach used in blogger outreach. And we, at GoForPost, formulate an effective method on how to build a community of loyal followers relevant to our client’s business niche.
Who owns the blogs or site?
All the blogs and sites listed on our Outreach Records are owned by reputable online influencers from different industries that are currently on top of their game.
Who will write the contents?
All contents will be written by our experienced team of writers. We ensure that for every client, we designated them a writer that is well-versed in writing for that specific industry.
Do I have an authority to pre-approved contents before posting?
No, we do not allow our clients to pre-approve any of the contents because it only causes delays in our turnaround time. But don’t worry! Your content’s quality is in good hands. Our editorial process ensures the elimination of errors.
How many words each content has?
We offer a minimum 500 words per article. But our experienced team of writers can write longer than that upon your requests or depends on the requirements you submitted.
Can I provide my own content?
Yes, you can provide your own content but GoForPost Quality Team will check it before posting to ensure that the article added real value not only to your site but to the owner’s site as well.
How many links included in one post?
The number of links per post depends on the blog and site’s owner. Mostly, blog and site’s owner accept 1 backlink per post; but here at GoForPost, we decide the number of links based on the length per post.
Can I choose the keyword target?
Yes, you can give us the list of your preferred keywords and we’ll ensure to naturally include it on the content
Will all the contents be in my niche?
Yes, we always ensure that all the contents created are 100% relevant to our client’s business niche.
What niche do you accept?
We cover wide-range of the industry niche. But everything has an exemption. We don’t cover niche on adult, casino, drugs, firearms, and other products that are illegally distributed on the web.
Is guest posting safe to do?
Yes, guest posting is a safe strategy to help drive traffic to your site and improve ranking on search engine platforms. Google and other search engine platforms will only penalize it if they notice that the published post contains spam-like links. But you don’t have to worry about that because we only provide white-hat services and follow all search engine platform’s guidelines.
Do I get to choose exactly where my content will be posted?
Yes, you can choose where your content will be posted. We, at GoForPost, only want the best for our clients. We can only achieve that by ensuring all your requirements are being followed. But before posting the content, our Quality Team will check your requested site to ensure it is 100% relevant to your business’ niche.
How long my guest posts will remain Live?
Unfortunately, yes, guest posts can be deleted and for two reasons: the site’s owner deleted it, or owners abandoned their site for good. But do not worry! GoForPost only chooses sites that have a long-term prospect for guest postings services.
Are my guest posts can be deleted?
No, we do not allow our clients to pre-approve any of the contents because it only causes delays in our turnaround time. But don’t worry! Your content’s quality is in good hands. Our editorial process ensures the elimination of errors.
What is SEO?
SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on growing website’s visibility in organic search engine results. In layman’s term, this will make one’s website search-engine friendly. But SEO is not only for search engine bots’ satisfaction, it is used as well to make it user-friendly, for people to easily find the right content for their search.
What is Digital PR?
Everything on the web nowadays can be measured. And the effectivity of Digital PR strategy is no exception. Measuring the effectiveness of digital PR is very straightforward; all you need is to have an access to the right tools such as, but not limited to: Google Analytics, keyword tracker, social tracking tools and more.
What is the difference between Digital PR and Traditional PR?
When it comes to quality of content and brand awareness, Traditional PR and Digital PR is not far different from each other. Their difference is the channels they use to promote one’s brand; and how they measured the success of each campaign. Most people prefer Digital PR nowadays because the ROI of their campaign is easier to measure and track. Plus, it’s easy to line up Digital PR with other digital marketing strategies such as SEO and content marketing.
Do you offer a discount on bulk or repeat orders?
Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders and to our loyal clients. Please send us an email at GoForPost.com to discuss your options.
Do you provide one-on-one assistance?
Yes, we provide one-on-one assistance to our client. We understand that Outreach and other digital marketing planning process are indeed overwhelming and stressful. That is the main reason we offer a one-on-one assistance to ensure our clients are well-guided from the planning process to the implementation stage.
Do you have sample works that I can look at?
Yes, we provide samples of our works for our clients. We understand that words aren’t enough to convince our clients, we need proof and you can see it by clicking PORTFOLIO.
How to place an order?
We’re so glad you decided to use our services for your business! You can place an order by clicking GET STARTED
Is it possible to cancel an order? Within 30 mins of placing order
Unfortunately, we don’t allow order cancellations. However, if you placed an order by mistake or simply changed your mind, you can cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing your order.
How much does it cost?
Our services start at
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Bank Transfer (+GST in India)
What is your refund policy?
Here at GoForPost only refunds money to our clients if they place an order by mistake. Our clients must send us an email within 30 minutes after placing the order. After the 30-minute duration, we will no longer entertain refund request. You can send the refund request at GoForPost.com.
I’m having issues with the site
We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us an email to goforpost.com and describe to us the details of the site’s issue you experienced. We promise to resolve it as soon as possible.
I have other concern. Where can I reach you?
For other inquiries or concern, you can contact us through our hotline or email us at [email protected]
What is a coin?
The money you spend on GoForPost is called COINS, every option you chose, it cost a certain number of coins. Examples are 1 coin for viewing guest posts, certain coins for purchasing orders from our services, while the number of coins for buying subscriptions depends on the type of subscription you chose (monthly, quarterly, or annually). It will only cost you 1 coins if you place do an outreach and guess what, you can manage your outreached records with ease.
Where can I view the guest post links list?
You can find the guest post links list on this page: Please be reminded that you can only view this page once you’ve successfully bought a subscription on our website. And each view will cost you 1 coin as well.