How to get more followers on Facebook Page Free?

How to get more followers on Facebook Page Free?

Facebook had over 2.41 Billion monthly active users during the second quarter of 2019. Out of which nearly 66% or 1.59 Billion were daily active users. It is an 11% increase as compared to the second quarter of 2018. As the number of users a growing day by day, marketing is getting competitive on this platform.

Thanks to the new Facebook algorithm, individuals, as well as businesses, are now required to work smarter to get their content viewed by more number of users. There are various ways by which you can increase the number of followers on your Facebook page.

To get maximum ROI, one needs to figure out the best practices, which requires a minimum level of effort and delivers the highest business value. So what are the top strategies to increase the number of followers on your Facebook page?

The best thing about social media business pages is that the number of followers increases exponentially. If you search for how to increase Facebook followers on Google, you will find a lot of malpractices for followers increment. Getting fake likes on your page may adversely affect your brand image. The best way to increase your facebook followers is to go with an organic method of growing followers. 

Best way to increase followers on Facebook

Following are the best followers growing practices for the individuals as well as established brands: Some of the best ways to increase your Facebook followers are:

1. Paid Followers Facebook Campaign

This paid advertising campaign on Facebook directly targets to increase the number of followers on your Facebook page. Though it is expensive, it is the best way to increase followers on Facebook. You can set up the campaign by choosing the demographics you want to focus, the interest people have, and other factors.

This campaign can further be used for remarketing. By using Facebook ads manager like Ad Espresso, you can narrow down your target audience.

Before going with the ad campaign, you need to do a lot of research for your target audience. You need to go specifically to the demographics of your audience. Here are some tips for your paid campaign setup:

  1. Target varieties of user interest
  2. Build a customer lookalike audience
  3. Focus on increasing your relevance score
  4. Post Videos regularly

Statistics state that more than eight billion videos are consumed on Facebook every day. Videos have the highest user engagement, and you can make use of it to increase user engagement. It has been seen that video contents are more likely to be shared as compared to other contents.

You need to make sure to keep a consistent style and tone for your videos so that the visitors can recognize your brand as your social media presence grows. Yes, creating video content does require a high level of effort and money. If you don't have the budget, you can still start smaller by reposting the relevant, engaging, and popular video content posted by others.

2. Create Content around Trending Topics and Post Regularly

The easiest and proven method to increase user engagement on your Facebook post is to create a consistent posting schedule for facebook. Facebook Trending, BuzzFeed Trending, and BuzzSumo are the most popular free tools that can be used to find trending topics.

3. Utilize Facebook Groups

Facebook group is a platform where people having similar interests come to a place and share ideas and thoughts on. Each group is focused on a particular niche, where experts and enthusiasts share their thoughts.

There are two ways to leverage Facebook groups:

1.  Join Existing Facebook Groups

The first one is to join groups relevant to your area of business and start posting and commenting.

2.  Create a Facebook Group

The second one is to create your group from scratch. It takes a high level of efforts to start generating value from your group. Though it is difficult to get started, the payoff is enormous. You will get a high amount of exposure as the people landing to the group will see your profile in the first place.

increase facebook followers

4. Use Hashtags in Your Posts

Hashtags are the connecting nodes that combine the whole network of social media conversations. Using hashtags is like grouping your content to other relevant content which forms a clear and accessible pathway to your page.

Do remember that you need to limit the hashtag use per post. You can use tools like Hashtagify, Hashatit, and Keyhole to optimize your hashtag game.

5. Incorporate Facebook Button on your webpage

You can download and add the 'Follow us on Facebook' button on your website to make it easy for your website visitors to find your page on Facebook. This process eliminates the guesswork visitors have to do to find your Facebook presence. When your website visitor wants to follow you on Facebook, all they have to do is click on the follow button, and they will be redirected to your Facebook page profile.

6. Host Contests and Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff. This strategy has been successfully utilized in many social media platform. It is the most popular user engagement strategy on YouTube. If you have a product or a product line, you can host a contest or giveaway for one of your upcoming launches. If you don't sell things, you have an option to partner with companies who does. Hosting contests and giveaways is one of the most successful strategies to get more Facebook Followers.

7. Boost Your Posts

Boosting new Facebook post is the key to increase the number of an impression on your post. Spending $5 to $10 to boost post can get surprising results.



Be Patient and Consistent

When it comes to marketing the results cannot be seen overnight, you have to have the patience to achieve the highest success. You have to keep a consistent brand presence. Your posts should have similar tone so that when your audience sees your post frequently, they start engaging more, resulting in more likes, shares, and, comments.

There is no right time to start working on getting followers on Facebook. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you. Start using the above-mentioned tips to increase facebook followers and grow your business.

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