What is Domain Authority and how to Increase Domain Authority Score?

What is Domain Authority and how to Increase Domain Authority Score?

You must be asking yourself what is domain authority, and how is it important to your website? Just read till the end of this article, and you will get all the questions answered. 

Moz developed domain authority, and it estimates how your website will rank on Google and other search engines. Those websites with a high domain authority score will always have a high rank in search engine result pages.

Improving your domain authority also leads to the improvement of your website ranking higher on google and other search engines and that the reason why you should improve your DA. A site with low domain authority will rank more moderate than a website with high domain authority.

Facts on Domain Authority

  • More than 40 signals are considered for you to be able to calculate DA
  • A high DA means higher ranking websites.
  • More traffic on a website is as a result of high DA.
  • For your DA to increase it takes time, and you have to work for it

Ways to Increase Domain Authority

When you hear people saying that their DA has increased, know that they worked hard. For DA score to increase, you require a lot of patience, quality content, and grand strategy.

For example: When your DA is around 15 or 20, it's easier for you to raise it to 30 or 40. But, making it beyond 50, it's harder and very slow.

Steps to help you gain a Better DA Score

Below are some steps that will help you to increase the domain authority score of your website.

1. Publishing your content

Publishing content will help you to have a good DA score. Ensure your content is unique and readable since it will get value to anyone who comes across it. If you have excellent writing skills, then your content will be of high quality. In content writing, uniqueness and relevance are the keys.

Plain contents are not appealing and exiting, so to your content look good immediately the reader opens it thinks of including features like images, GIFs and video.

2. On-page SEO Optimization

On-page is very important since it plays the role of changing your DA from low to high. Under SEO, you find page titles, keyword placement, and keyword density. Failing to manage your SEO makes it hard for your website to rank high on google—otherwise a good SEO, a high DA.

3. Internal linking of posts

This makes readers to spent most of their time on your website page. The secrete behind internal linking is to make current content more informative and captivating. Let it stick to your mind that you should only link the previous posts which are similar to your current post.

4. Create high-quality links for your site

Many bloggers and webmaster goes wrong when trying to create high-quality relationships for their website. They only come up with low-quality links, which don't add any value leading to low website ranking on google.

5. Be patient and with time, your domain grows

Your DA score should not make you panic if your website is still young when it comes to the SEO domain age matters a lot. Your new website can rank high, but it takes time.

6. Increase the rate of publishing 

The more you publish, the more you increase your domain, and the less you publish, the more you decrease your domain. 

7. Good Domain Authority

Big sites like Wikipedia or google.com have a significant number of high-quality external links, and their domain authority is on a large scale. Small businesses and websites have a lower DA score due to fewer inbounds links. New sites will always start with a DA score of one. 

8. Domain Authority Checker

The role of the domain authority checker tool is to let you check the DA score of a website. DA checker is necessary if you want to feature on-site. Every website is different from another because of some pack more respect and reputation than others. Some are out there to gain traction, others have been online for years, and others got into the system just the other day.

Besides DA checker is the best tool, it's also a common free tool on the web. You always enjoy using this free tool, and it shows you the correct DA of any website. The platform of DA checker is reliable as it determines the strength of a particular URL and the possibility of it ranking well in search engine results.

The main influence of the Domain Authority

Moz considers numerous factors when computing the DA of a website. These include:

  • Referring to original domains.
  • The link's quality
  • The first time domain appeared on google.
  • The number of social signals.
  • Moz typically computes Moz's trust, and it grows with time.

Increasing the Domain Authority of a Website 

Here are steps you can follow to increase your DA.

  • Take time to work on your off-page SEO.
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Work on your technical SEO
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Improve your page speed.
  • Increase your social signals.
  • Be patient.

Importance of Domain Authority to SEO

DA is a metric that was developed by Moz, and you can use it to get more information on how Google ranks you on the website. Moz's DA can measure your website performance against another website in your niche. The DA is a score based on a scale of 100 an amalgam of many SEO factors that makes some websites rank better than others on the web.

The Importance of DA

1. Your DA influences how you rank on search engines. That ranking decides whether or not people know your website.

2. Your DA makes you understand your site's credibility in the eyes of search engines so that you compare to the competitors, improve rankings and drive traffic to your website.

3. The point is a link from a website with high authority is valuable than a link from a site with no power.

If you follow what has been discussed in this article, you will see a nice increase in your DA. Focus more on DA in your long term SEO strategy and see how your site performs over time. 

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