The Power of Digital PR

The Power of Digital PR

In the past public relation, expertise was confined to large companies who could afford the services of a dedicated team of writers, content creators, brand specialists, and marketers to profile their brand.   
The new business model for PR is digital. Technological advancement and new media development have created a whole new space for smaller business also to enjoy the power of public relations.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a buzzword that has been floating in the online sphere for quite some time.  

Digital PR refers to the strategies, techniques, and tactics used in the online medium to increase your business presence. It is designed to increase your reach, enhance your reputation and grow loyal followers of your brand. It can also indirectly grow your sales by systematically converting readers to customers.

Digital PR can be used for any type of business whether you are selling a product or a service. It involves building strong relationships with key influencers who can have a positive impact on your business. Key influencers are opinion leaders that others trust. They can include bloggers, established brands, and media professionals. The aim of digital PR is to generate ‘press hits’, backlinks and ‘citations’ from these important influencers.

Difference between Digital PR and Traditional PR

Following are some major difference between Digital PR and Traditional PR.

1- Price

Mainstream or traditional PR companies are usually expensive to engage. Digital PR is also marketing and branding specialists, but they work mainly in the online space and are more affordable.

2- Face-to-face versus online

A traditional PR company will usually meet you face-to-face, prepare a proposal and pitch you their ideas. New ways of conducting business have also seen mainstream PR companies moving into the online space.

Digital PR interacts with clients mainly through the online space.

3- Activities

Both mainstream and digital PR companies use specially crafted tactics to connect with their intended target. In PR the audience is not necessary for the customers who buy your product or service but the key influencers who can convert customers for you.

A traditional PR company may arrange a product launch for you. They invite journalists and opinion leaders (like popular bloggers) to the event so these influencers can write about the event on their platforms (whether it’s print or digital).

A digital PR company connects with the same influencers through online means via blogs, e-invites, videos, social media and so forth. The bulk of their focus is on meeting your online KPIs whether it’s growing your reach, enhancing your brand reputation or selling your product or services.  

One of the activities that traditional PR companies can do that digital PR companies do not undertake is managing organizational issue or crisis. When a catastrophe hits your company, it is important to have the right frontline person to address the public and the media. The person must know what to say on behalf of the company. The company must also know what statements to release and what activities to take to address key stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers, and community).

What Digital PR can do for your Business?

Any PR campaign – traditional or digital - executed well can generate the right outcomes. Here are four benefits of using digital PR:

1- Increase your brand’s reach

Digital PR is an effective way to increase your online presence by reaching out to the right audience. The tactics employed by the digital specialist will help your business gain access to difficult-to-track- down influencers like popular bloggers, opinion leaders, brand affiliates and the media.

The more customers are aware of your business, the more they are likely to want to buy from you. Some of the things a digital PR company will do for you include writing guest posts on other blogs and connecting with other bloggers to expand your reach. A digital PR firm may also create important links in the post leading back to your website to convert readers to customers. They also create landing pages with appropriate CTA (Call-to-Action) to encourage readers to connect with your content.     

2- Grow Customers

Digital PR uses different tactics to grow readership then convert readers into real customers. To do this, they may employ a combination of methods including blogs, social media, podcasts, videos and so forth. The idea is to create links to products and services. Digital PR operates on the premise that the online community is self-educating.  By making it easy for them to access information about your business and your products or services, Digital PR is both, directly and indirectly, growing not just your online presence but your sales.

3- Enhance your Reputation

If you are a new business, you will still be trying to build a brand reputation. The best endorsement your company can get is when an opinion leader endorses your products or services. The opinion leader is considered an authority on the subject. If they are a blogger, they may have millions of followers who take seriously what they say about a product. They could also be another established brand that sells related products or services. Or they could be journalists and media professionals who write authoritatively on the subject.

A digital PR company will match the right influencer to your business and will employ online strategies to connect and build relationships with them. Some of the activities they do include posting other’s posts, inviting product reviews, sourcing introductions and so forth.

4- Tracking your campaigns

Digital PR is equipped with the right technology to monitor your online campaigns accurately. Measurable KPIs can include:

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Conversion rates (readers to customers)

Digital PR companies provide a detailed analysis of every online campaign giving you important insights into what is working and what is not.

5- The next step

If your business is ready to engage in digital PR activities, then it is important that you find the right experts to handle your brand.  Digital PR companies have many options depending on your budget. It can be a flexible strategy that can suit all types of businesses or a customized strategy that is uniquely tailored to your business.


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