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What is Guest Posting?
This is the process of building authority, relationship, exposure and links through posting unique blogs on to other websites. First, you have to identify guest post websites and prepare a guest posting list to save time. There are several sites, either paid blogging sites or others that accept free blog posts. When you want better results, we advise you to go for top guest blogging sites.

How to find the best blogging sites for guest posting?
There are so many blog post sites but your success is driven by the best choice you make. Do a lot of research about site traffic and keyword analysis. This will help you to spot the best website which can give you better results within a short period. It can be free backlinks, branding or monetary advantage. You need to be clear to show the number of people who are already participating in the site. Only genuine, unique and hand typed content is accepted. Don’t use content with affiliate links.

Guest Blogging Tips

Taste success with the best Guest Posting Tips!

Create your personal identity

Have your own writing skills that will make readers come back to articles more often. Make sure you have characters and colours that will make your stories different from others. The dimension and storyline must also define your writing capabilities.

Choose your words wisely

Have the right choice of words that fit in the understanding of your readers. Make sure you have a strong understanding of your reader’s background. When it is about sports, use words that are related to sports but not food.

Make use of interviews

This the best way to pick someone’s brain. You can learn a lot from interviews more than any other method. It is a face to face conversation and you can ask many questions as possible. We thank technology because nowadays it can be even conducted online through social media. Have a good video and audio set up for better results.

Do the right pitch

Pitch the right people and websites for you to get excellent results. Make sure you pick a platform that is within your blog niche. This will help you reach a bigger population with your targeted readers & help you to drive traffic to your website.

Link responsibly

Linking has a positive impact on website ranking. Remember to create relevant links that will impress readers. Having irrelevant links will kill your interest because of the negative results. Take your time to make a link list and analyze the ones that will fit your blogs.

Experiment and exposure

Try several techniques and strategies and pick one that will generate results. Don’t accept to learn from failing. Sometimes it is good to do it right for the first time and for all. Experimenting will give a practical approach and procedure. It will help you land on the right strategy.

Guest Post Guidelines

This is a rule that guides blog posting processes. Every user has the mandate to respect and follow the guidelines to avoid misuse of the sites. Have a landing page with submission guidelines. Mention the advantages a user will get when they submit their blogs.

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Benefits of Guest Posting

It is beneficial for both: Guest blogger and Blogger. There are several benefits of guest posts that you gain and enjoy. It can help you build links and traffic to your website. You can also build authority and brand awareness.

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How to do Guest Posting?

The best part of guest posting is that if you do it in the right way you actually win. Identify your guest post target and make your guest post ready. Begin your first pitch then write and create your guest post. Finally, you need to follow up on the outcome.

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