7 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Content Marketing

7 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Content Marketing

Although content marketing can be a great business idea it can be hard to achieve a large following or traffic to equalize the reward for the amount of work put into it. Here is a list of 7 Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Your Content Marketing.

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7 different content promotion platform are:

1. Social Media Promotion

Looking at all the Marketing tools at our disposal, Social media would be in the top three if not the top. It’s because this is a powerful tool if used right, almost anyone who has access to the internet is a part of some social media website.

People look at posts, watch videos and sometimes just follow links that interest them so adding strategic and relevant links in these places is a great way of promotion.  

2. Display Ads (Google/Bing Ads)

Display ads or banner ads are also one of the most widely used way of promotion. All most any website we visit nowadays has a banner ad of something. Although this is not free like most of the ways mentioned in this list it is very effective if placed in the right places. These target people looking for things that are relevant to the content we are trying to promote and that will surely result in traffic.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means using a larger or more reputable platform to vouch for and point toward our content. This could be a big blogger, website or a page. If our products and content is good then a “shout out” from a big platform would bring a lot of traffic to us. 

4. Guest posting

This way is a lot like Influencer marketing. Although this will not result in as much traffic as Influencer marketing, it has its own pros. For starters it is not as hard to achieve as Influencer marketing, we can add a blog to a website as a guest with ease. It also means that we will be writing our blog and we can get through to the people we want to. A well-written blog would result in a lot of traffic. So, guest posting is one of the effective ways to drive relevant traffic.

5. Comment Marketing

Comment marketing can be a very disliked way of marketing as some sources can be like bots or people adding random links to random places which most result in no publicity at all but if we choose the right places and the right comment that is relevant to the content then we can attract a lot of people to our website. 

6. Email Marketing

This tool has two applications: one, to send emails to random people and hoping they like it and join, otherwise known as spam. The other way is to select people that may join and send quality content to them and have a higher chance of gaining visitors.

7. Link Roundup Post

This method is so great because we can use it as a combination of all the other methods in the list. A link roundup post is essentially a post where all the useful link and the content produced is listed. This can be like a weekly or a monthly thing.

A good formated roundup post will not only provide a simple summary but will also increase traffic by providing a good way for the viewer to interact with us. 

Going through the list we can clearly see that almost all of the ways of promotion listed are free and done on the internet so in conclusion, content marketing may be a hard job but it’s promotion depends solely on research and using the right tools.

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