What are some Valid Domain Extensions?

What are some Valid Domain Extensions?

Top List of Domain Extensions that You Didn't Know

There are tons of valid domain extensions. The high rate of internet users has made provision for other web domain extensions besides .com, net, and .org.

Someone asked me "what are the five most common domain extensions?"

Answer: The most popular domain extensions are .com, .net, .co, .org, .info.

Surprising many have found hundreds of options when it comes to using a domain for their website.

Of course, there are valid domain name extensions for specific purposes like .mobi for a mobile site, .travel for the travel industry or .jobs for HR departments?

Besides these generic top-level domains, there are also country code domains, which are extensions based on countries or geographic locations.

The Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) is the source of valid top-level domains (TLDs). They are also saddled with the duty to maintain the official list at the root zone database.

Do you know that? The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is in charge of introducing new TLDs.

What is Domain Extension?

A domain extension is the last part of your website domain name. It gives information about your website address, category, or country. 

What is a gTLD?

gTLDs or generic top-level domains are general purpose domains and are some of the most common TLDs on the web.

Here are 7 frequently used generic TLDs

  • .edu (education)
  • .gov (government)
  • .biz (business)
  • .me (personal)
  • .mil (military)
  • .co (company)
  • .info (information)

Here is a list of Top-Level Domains

  • .int
  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .mil
  • .lnc
  • .is
  • .dev
  • .travel
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .email
  • .build
  • .agency
  • .zone
  • .bid
  • .condos
  • .dating
  • .events
  • .maison
  • .partners
  • .properties
  • .productions
  • .social
  • .reviews
  • .tech

What is ccTLDs?

ccTLDs, or country code top – level domains, are assigned to specific countries like, .in for India, and .jp for Japan. A few of them are restricted to those that live and work in these locations, but many can be registered by anyone.

Here is a list of Top – Level – Domain Country Code (TLDs)

  • .ac (Ascension Island)
  • .ad (Andorra)
  • .ae ( United  Arab Emirates)
  • .af (Afghanistan)
  • .an (Antilles Netherlands)
  • .ao (Angola)
  • .aq (Antarctica)
  • .ar (Agentina)
  • .as ( American Samoa)
  • .at ( Austral)
  • .au ( Australia)
  • .bb (Barbados)
  • .bf ( Burkina Faso )
  • .bg ( Bulgaria)
  • .bi ( Burundi)
  • .bm (Bermuda )
  • .br (Brazil)
  • .bw (Botswana) 
  • .ca (Canada)
  • .cd ( Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • .cl (Chile)
  • .cm ( Cameroon)
  • .cn ( China)
  • .co (Colombia)
  • .cr Costa Rica)
  • .cu (Cuba)
  • .cy ( Cyprus)
  • .cz ( Czech Republic )
  • .de ( Germany)
  • .dk (Denmark)
  • .dm ( Dominica
  • .ec ( Ecuador)
  • .eg ( Egypt) 
  • .es ( Spain) 
  • .et ( Ethopia)
  • .fr ( France) 
  • .ga (Gabon)
  • .gh ( Ghana)
  • .gm (Gambia)
  • .gq ( Equatorial Guinea)
  • .gr (Greece)
  • .hk (Hong Kong)
  • .hr (Croatia)
  • .hu ( Hungary)
  • .id ( Indonesia)
  • .ie ( Ireland)
  • .in ( India)
  • .iq ( Iraq)
  • .il (Israel )
  • .it ( Italy)
  • .jp (Japan)
  • .jo (Jordan)
  • .kr ( Republic of Korea
  • .ke ( Kenya)
  • .kw ( Kuwait)
  • .lb (Liberia)
  • .ly ( Libya)
  • .ma (Morocco)
  • .mc ( Monaco)
  • .mx ( Mexico)
  • .my ( Malaysia) 
  • .mu ( Mauritius)
  • .ne ( Niger)
  • .ng (Nigeria)
  • .ni ( Netherlands)
  • .no ( Norway)
  • .nz  (Zealand )
  • .pe (Peru)
  • .ph ( Philippines)
  • .pt (Portuagal
  • .py ( paraguay)
  • .ro ( Romania 
  • .rn ( Russia 
  • .rw (Rwanda)
  • .sa ( Saudi Arab
  • .sd  (Sudan )
  • Se.  (Sweden)
  • .sg ( Singapore)
  • .sl (Sierra Leone)
  • .td ( Chad)
  • .tg ( Togo)
  • .th (Thailand)
  • .tr (Turkey)
  • .tz (Tanzania)
  • .ua ( Ukraine)
  • .ug (Uganda)
  • .uk  (United Kingdom)
  • .us ( United States)
  • .va ( Vatican City )
  • .ve ( Venezuela)
  • .ws ( Samoa)
  • .wf ( wallis and futuna)
  • .yt ( Mayote)
  • .za ( South Africa )
  • .zm ( Zambia)
  • .zw ( Zimbabwe)

Why ccTLDs Matters?

  • They are important for international SEO
  • A way to show search engines and users that content is targeted to a country
  • Google assumes that a site and all the content on it are relevant to the geographical area when it uses ccTLD.

The Impact of Domain Extension on your SEO

According to Bill Hartzer Dallas based SEO expert, if a newly registered domain name is compared with another newly registered domain name. When it comes to search engine ranking, Google gives both the same weight.

When creating your website, the choice of the domain extension is important, domains that contain keywords will impact your SEO performance. A recent survey conducted by MOZ has shown that your domain extension has a slight effect on your ranking as Google's counts more factors into the ranking.

 Another study from Stone Temple shows that links do matter in improving SEO ranking. The domain extension can lead to conversion; your website is viewed differently by visitors. Some domain extensions can be seen as spam or considered as reference. 

Do you know it’s how the public treats domain names that have an impact on search engine rankings? 

Do not underestimate people’s navigation habits.

With thousands of available domain extensions out there, it’s difficult to choose the one to use.

Here are some known Facts to Guide You

  • Country domain extensions can be a smart choice if you're targeting certain audiences in a country, like .uk for Uk resident or language .es for Spanish speaking audience this can favor your SEO strategy. 
  • You have a lot of TLDs to choose from that are industry related like .pizza, but very few of them rank well globally. 
  • Site quality remains at the top of the ranking factor, and domain extensions will not have a chance to rule. 
  • Google has specified how they treat domain names and new domain extensions. The new extensions will have no ranking advantage over .com, .org domains.
  • According to the study by MOZ, .com domain extensions give better results compared to .edu, .biz, and a bit higher than .com. Domain extensions don’t affect SEO ranking on their own. Quality content and a rich keyword is a major factor.

Now you know better and should share what you've learned. As you have seen, TLDs are at the core. There’s no better time to join the success train than now!

I hope this guide has changed your view and shown that domain extension is not restricted to .com, .net, and .org. Now, you're aware of the list of valid domain extensions.

Are you ready to set sail with the knowledge you’ve gained?

Let us in on your biggest take home, leave a comment below… 

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