9 Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas

9 Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Creating a blog or website is cool. It takes a few hours for a good designer to create and design a quite attractive writer’s website. What is hard is maintaining that website. Generating more traffic to your website requires a lot of commitment and dedication.

You have to create content regularly to keep your site live. Therefore, you have to have a constant flow of content ideas to keep your blog engaged. But how do you come up with new content ideas more often? How do you get out of writer’s block?

It is not a fan having a blog, but you cannot feed it as you would like. For that reason, I will show you some of the best content creation strategies that the best content creators and bloggers use to have a constant flow of blog content ideas.

Plans that are proven to be useful to both the beginners and pros. Pay attention to each of these strategies, and coming up with blog post topics will never be an issue to you.

9 Creative Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas

 Here are nine practical ways of coming up with new content ideas.

1. Create Many Topic Lists

When you are ready to start feeding your blog with content, you do not want to waste time trying to figure out what to write. It is therefore advisable to have topics at hand so that when you sit down to write, you pick subjects randomly and start writing instantly. That cannot happen if you will begin by researching a topic to write. You have to create a list of items that suites your blog in advance.

To make this happen, set time to research the best blog topics and come up with a bunch of issues. Brainstorming is easier when you concentrate on one task. Make a list that is long enough to feed your blog for a while, maybe a month or more, depending on how frequently you update your website.

Having a list of website content ideas in advance, make your work more comfortable since you pick up blog topics and start writing instantly. Besides, if you get the assistance of creating posts from agencies or freelancers that offer content creation services, you send them the subjects. Hence they can submit your contents on time.

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2. Check Your Social Media Followers

Social media is an excellent mine of best content ideas. Millions of social media users have two or more social accounts on different social-site platforms. I bet you are one of them. How many followers do you have all together on your social accounts?

Check what your followers have an interest in. One of the most effective ways to keep your blog engaged is to create content that tries to solve problems that your readers have. You will know what your audience struggle with by following discussions on social media platforms.

Besides, most social media users express their emotions on social media and therefore giving you chances to understand what they madly need solutions on. Brainstorm about their struggles and come up with topic ideas to write.

You can also start a conversation. Ask your followers questions. Some social media platforms, such as quora, are questions based platforms. The platforms base their user engagement on users asking questions and getting answers from other platform users. Engaging in such activities will give you tons of ideas to create content around.

Topping up the list, you can follow the renowned authors and bloggers on social media. Most content creators use social media platforms as content marketing tools. Connecting with them and other best content marketing companies will enable you to grab some blog post ideas. Check their recent social media content for business. By doing that, you will be knowledgeable about trending topics for content writing.

3. Communicate with Your Target Audience Through Blog Comments On Your Post

Do you have a blog post that had a higher engagement rate on your site? What were the commenters saying? Read comments and try to pain point some of the commenters’ requirements. By doing that, you will come up with some more website content ideas that are closely related to the initial post.

Also, your readers may comment on your content and point out what they would want to read in the next post. They may also tell you what they need to know more about that relate to your initial post. They, therefore, directly give you more blog writing topics and making it easier for you to write content evolving around initial blog title ideas.

While resourcing content creation ideas from comments, you can use blog posts from other content creation companies you are in the same niche. Read a lot of blog posts and comments and see what these posts are missing. You will come up with long and interesting blog topics that could be more engaging than the original posts.   

blog comments

4. Conduct Interviews to Know What Your Audience Wants

Interviews help you understand more about your target audience, what they want to read, and why. Who knows your target audience better than themselves? When you conduct interviews, they will tell you more about themselves, their lifestyles, habits, hobbies, among others.

For example: If your blog is about lifestyle, asking your target audience about themselves will help you know more about them. You will understand how they live and why they live that way. You will then be able to identify and solve some of the challenges they encounter from their lifestyles while creating new posts. Therefore, you will have a heap of lifestyle blog post ideas.

Interviews also help you in creating marketing personas, which are some of the essential marketing strategies. Marketing personas help in creating engaging content for social media, blogs, and other websites. While creating personas, you will have a better understanding of your target audience and their challenges, thus helping you come up with a bunch of topics to cover.

While conducting interviews, you do not have to meet all your target audience in person. You can use different social site groups, such as Facebook groups, with your target audience and other sites that have a higher engagement rate. Post questions and see what your commenter has to say. Using the answers you get, you can create a list of topics.

5. Check your Competitors’ Blogs

There are other bloggers and content creation companies that are way better than you in generating content ideas. You think you can never compete with them, right? It is easy to beat them. Subscribe to their websites and follow their lead. Read their post and the comments they get from their readers.

By doing this, you will not need to use much time brainstorming about content ideas and creating content. You take the topics they write about, refine them, and create your content. Here, you do not copy what your competitors write. You get the idea, refine it by; adding more details, and removing irrelevant information. In actuality, you may end up creating more exciting content than your competitors.

Also, most of the top-rated bloggers are always on-trend. By checking what they are blogging about, you will also be trendy too.

6. Opt to Different Topic Generator Platforms

You still do not know what to write? Use topic generator tools. There are dozens of AI tools that can help you come up with content ideas. They are easy to use and can help you develop a long list of content topics within a short time.

All you need to do is; research and come up with the keyword you wish to use while creating, insert these keywords on your favorite generator platform, and you wait for a few seconds. You will receive a list of excellent content ideas.

Besides, some of these platforms analyze data and come up with a narrative or written analytics and, therefore, easy your work of creating content. Some of these topic generator platforms include;

a. Ubersuggest – it is one of the most popular platforms. Ubersuggest does not only give you the information about the popularity of the keywords but also suggests a long list of related keywords that can help you come up with more topics

b. Answer The Public – when you type in the target keyword, the platform gives you a list of most frequently asked questions concerning the keyword you typed.

c. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator – the platform offers space to put in up to five keywords. It then split keywords and give you a bunch of potential topics. However, for excellent results from the platform, you have to sign up for premium services.

blog topic generator

d. Wordsmith – the platform transforms data into a written narrative that is easy to read and understand. You need to feed the platform with the data you want to express in writing, and the tool will convert it into scripts. Wordsmith is the most used AI tool. It is known to generate an averagely of 1.5 billion content ideas every year.

7. Sign Up for Newsletter

Newsletters are informational emails. They are essential to business. They can be beneficial to you too. Companies use newsletters for advertising their products. They are for keeping the potential company’s client updated.

When you sign up to receive such emails, you will also be up to date on what trending. You can generate a bunch of trending topics for your blog from these newsletters.

Also, content creation companies use newsletters as a content marketing tool. When you sign up for newsletters from such companies, you will be receiving great content ideas in your email box. You will not need to hustle, trying to figure out what to write.

Sign up for as many newsletters as possible from your competitor, content creators, and other industries in your niche, and you will never be stuck in writers’ block again.

newsletter sign up

8. Take Help from YouTube Videos

As Google and other search engines, YouTube can be a vast mine of content ideas. When you search for a video, YouTube suggests related videos. The suggestions are potential blog content ideas. You can write excellent content that is SEO friendly from YouTube suggested topics.

Besides, when viewing YouTube content, you can get potential blog post topics. Most businesses have  YouTube channels, where they advertise their products through video marketing. When you watch videos, you can generate a heap of ideas. Since most of the business-related videos are educative, you can also create engaging and detailed content from these videos.

youtube video

Besides, as social media and blogs, YouTube offers its users a space to leave comments. If you have a YouTube channel, viewers’ feedback can help you come up with other new visual content for your channel and blog. Commenters may also pain points missing information on your video. In such a case, they give you direct content ideas which you can transform into excellent blog content or medial social content.

Subscribe to different YouTube channels, in your niche, and from your competitors. Check what their viewers say in their comment boxes then generate contents ideas from various blog comments and videos.

9. Use Various Research Tools

The other content creation strategy is using research tools such as Google alerts, Ubersuggest, Buzzsumo, among others. If you have a topic or keywords you intend to create content about, type it on various research tools. Research tools suggest potential topics. Picking these suggestions guarantees you great SEO, friendly ideas.

blog content ideas

Also, research tools such as Buzzsumo show all the popular posts related to the keywords you type. The results appear sorted according to the engagement rates on social media.

For example: If you type keywords like SEO content marketing, buzzsumo will show related posts sorted according to the degree of engagement on social media platforms.

Therefore, when you pick a topic from these research tools, you will be creating content that has high chances of getting significant traffic.



Writers’ block is typical to writers, but it should never stress you out. Ideas are all over us. Pay close attention to the environment around you, and you will always discover new ideas. Plus, with effective content marketing and strategy, you will never be flat of ideas. Stays focused, committed, dedicated, and write when inspired. You will feel the excitement around the flow of ideas as you write.

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