How to Create a Sendinblue Form in WordPress

How to Create a Sendinblue Form in WordPress

Using Sendinblue's digital marketing framework, WPForms has made it infinitely easy for users to create limitless bulletin signup forms. Users can organize their lead generation with the WPForms SendinBlue addon. A few things to keep in mind before you download Sendinblue are given below.

What is SendinBlue Form?

A SaaS solution for relationship management, Sendinblue form is a cloud-based SaaS service. In addition, users can conveniently sign up, stay away, or erase customers from their Sendinblue form when a user submits their form using the WPForms Addon for Sendinblue.

It is possible to create excitable email lists to get the best possible results. With Sendinblue, users can design, personalize and computerize content that transforms their subscribers into legitimate clients as they fill out their WPForms forms. Other forms can be used with Sendinblue as well.

How to create a Sendinblue Form in WordPress?

Step 1: Install the WPForms Plugin

Downloading and activating the WPForms WordPress Plugin is the first step in the Sendinblue WordPress setup.

The easiest way to install a WordPress plugin is to search for it in the Plugins section of the WordPress dashboard. Sometimes, one might have to install a plugin manually using the FTP method or the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload. Install the WPForms plugin before you begin any other steps.

Step 2: Enable the Sendinblue Addon

The Sendinblue plugin will now be available after WPForms gets installed. Click on WPForms, then Addons, from the WordPress dashboard.

If you find it, click on it to start Sendinblue. Activate and install Sendinblue. Now, you will be able to link your account with Sendinblue. Your Sendinblue account must get connected to a form.

Step 3: Connect your Sendinblue Account to WPForms

WPForms is now connected to your Sendinblue account. Click on the Integrations tab under WPForms, Settings, and WPForms.

If you click on Sendinblue's arrow, you'll see its settings in a new window.

Sendinblue account API key must be entered. Don't forget to give the account a nickname.

SMTP & API is a menu option that allows you to locate your API key.

A nickname can get entered in the Sendinblue Account Nickname box. Email marketing automation might be helpful if you wish to link more Sendinblue accounts later on down the line.

account nickname in sendinblue

Last but not least, click on the Sendinblue Connect button.

account connected in sendinblue

If everything went well, you could see a green Connected status next to Sendinblue.

Step 4: Connect Sendinblue to your Forms

Create a Sendinblue connection for your forms after successfully connecting your account.

add new sendinblue connection

A new contact form or an old one will do. You will have alternatives. You can choose which of your WPForms fields will contain the subscriber's email address by clicking on Email.

Choose WPForms' Updated Email field, which has the new email address of the subscriber. If you wish to add a new subscriber to a specific Sendinblue list, you may do so here.

Step 5: Map Sendinblue Custom Fields to WPForms (optional)

Optional: If you want to sync any data types you've created in Sendinblue to your WordPress forms, you should do this step. Names for custom fields get found in the Custom Field Names section of your account.

Under Form Field Value, choose the Sendinblue field from the menu and map it to your WPForms form field. You may save your form by clicking the orange "Save" button in the upper-right quadrant of the form builder.

Step 6: Add your Sendinblue Form to your WordPress Website

It's time to add your Sendinblue WordPress form to your website. Click on the Embed button to add your video.

So, if you see the message Embed on a new page, click on the Create New Page button.

Your page title will appear in this field.

The WPForms plugin will allow you to check how your Sendinblue-connected form appears on WordPress.

Your Sendinblue form in WordPress is now ready.

SendinBlue Addon WordPress Form FAQ

Ques 1:  Is it necessary to have a Sendinblue account?

Using Sendinblue's API, the Sendinblue for WordPress plugin synchronizes contacts, sends emails, and collects data. On the free plan, one can send up to 300 emails/day with the API key.

Ques 2: Is there a cost associated with the Addon?

One may use Sendinblue's free plan for as long as they like.

Ques 3: Why should one use Sendinblue as an SMTP relay on their website?

It means that the emails will not land up in the spam bin. One can also get statistics on emails sent by utilizing Sendinblue's SMTP server.

Download WPForms and Connect with SendinBlue Now


Sendinblue Addon is one the most vital part of marketing and lead generation, as we can see above. Therefore, learning about its key features is crucial for best results.

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