Seven Digital Marketing Trends that is shaping this year

Seven Digital Marketing Trends that is shaping this year

Digital Marketing has been in trend nowadays. Digital Marketing can be defined as the marketing of any products or services by using digital technologies mainly on the Internet. Have you tried doing it yet?

Top 7 Latest Digital Marketing Trends 

Here’s a look at the newest digital marketing trends that have shaped our year.

1- Artificial Intelligence and Bots

More bots are chatting with humans online and offline in recent years. Starbucks uses bots to take coffee orders from customers. Chatbots are popping up everywhere in websites greeting visitors and politely asking if they can assist. Chatbots are now used in 61% of all customer service inquiries and are predicted to rise to 85% of customer service usage by 2023.

While chatbots give companies 24/7 interaction to customers, companies are still smartly balancing automation with real human interactions. Chatbots and AI developments are still in the early stages. Further development and improvements need to happen before they become mainstream.

2- Create Video Online

Videos are making waves in the current marketing trends. YouTube, the most popular online video platform, has 1.8 billion users a month. One billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Facebook users are consuming 8 billion videos a day, and Twitter video content is viewed by 82% of their users.  

Many more consumers are viewing videos on their mobile devices. Nearly all Twitter video and more than half of YouTube videos are viewed via a mobile device.  

Quality video content is in demand as businesses race one another for the best SEO rankings and web traffic.  

Videos take many formats from 360 degrees panoptical views of a business premise to a handheld camera live feed from your favorite blogger. Most organizations this year have incorporated 3D Virtual Tours or 360 walkthroughs of their premises to create more immersive experiences for their audience.

Companies that sell products that require instruction manuals are also using free online videos as training aids to engage with customers. Key influencers in the industry regularly use videos to endorse and review products. Given the wide coverage of videos, it is unlikely that this trend will change in the near future.

3- Immersive Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and even Mixed Reality (MR) are cropping up in digital marketing strategies as more companies take advantage of the latest craze for an immersive experience.

Big brands are like Google and Lenovo have all invested in HMD technology as they prepare for the next big thing in the digital space.

Immersive reality is on the rise. VR may be replaced by AR in the future.

4- Key Influencers

Key influencers in the blogosphere are still commanding attention. In an increasingly competitive digital marketing space, more companies are building relationships with customers instead of just relying on converting one-time hits.  

Nearly a US$1 billion a year has been spent on key influencers. Brands are competing with one another to partner with the most popular influencer in their market space.  

For Example: Last year LV scored a coup signing Hollywood star Selena Gomez to be their spokesperson only to lose out to Coach who signed her for a better deal.

#AxisThoughtFactory – the digital arm of Axis Bank – hit an all-time-high on Twitter after it partnered with bloggers from Bangalore.

With every industry, there are niche bloggers that can become powerful brand influencers. But web users are increasingly demanding authenticity as well. Consumers are becoming smarter weeding our for-profit collaborations and choosing genuine endorsement from their blogger.

Key influencers trend is not changing. Global audiences fascination with celebrities is likely to continue to boost this trend.  

5- Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing nowadays has taken a new direction. While quality and originality are compulsory, web users today are also demanding interaction and storytelling

For Example: Textile giant, Siyaram’s #10DaysofGoodwill campaign received 32K impressions on Twitter.  

Interactive content marketing is helping businesses reach and engage with more customers.

Social media storytelling is becoming increasingly popular as well. Snapchat was the first to introduce a ‘stories’ format. Instagram and Facebook have joined the race with their ‘Instagram Stories’ and ‘Reels’. WhatsApp is also in this space. Create a social media strategy to succeed with content marketing.

Stories capture the best of the moment and create a sense of FOMO for users who failed to check them out when they were posted. The stories disappear after a period of time and are brilliant short format videos to promote a business.

Google is making it more difficult for companies to rank high on their organic search engine ranking by just producing good content. In the future, good content should be a seamless integration of text, visuals, and technology.

6- Mobile-Focused Digital Marketing Strategy

More consumers are using their mobile devices to search, shop and engage. Google is already starting to rank businesses on their mobile rankings.

Mobile marketing strategy is now very much a part of the overall digital marketing strategy of businesses. A mobile-focused digital marketing strategy incorporates all of the following:

  • Mobile-friendly Websites

  • Faster speeds and loading times

  • Online Videos

  • Location Services

  • Live to stream

  • Campaigns

Mobile marketing is now mainstream. New changes in mobile technology will continue to dominate this strategy but mobile marketing is now becoming a crowded space and companies will need to come up with better tactics to reach and connect with their audiences.   

7- Automation

Digital marketing is all about automation. Digital marketers have access to a range of tools and software that can help them automate processes. Some of the popular software used by digital marketers today include:

  • Google Trends

  • Google Keywords

  • Ahrefs

  • AppAnnie

  • Apester

  • Serpstat

  • SimilarWeb

  • BuzzSumo

  • Facebook Audience Insights

  • Facebook Ads

  • AppStore Search Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Analytics

  • Tag Assistant

  • Google Analytics Builder

  • Data Scraper

  • Canva

  • Buzzstream

  • Bing Ads

  • Pushengage

  • Behance

  • Slack

  • Evernote

  • And many more!

Automation will continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly digitized and automated.

Digital marketing is not going away. It is becoming mainstream as more consumers turn to the internet. If your company has yet to invest in a digital marketing campaign, now is the time to start talking to an expert like GoForPost.   

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