10 Tools to help improve your Copywriting

10 Tools to help improve your Copywriting

Writing good copy is easier said than done, especially for novice copywriters. Every job has a tool and more-so professional copywriting that’s part of a content marketing strategy. It goes beyond a keyboard and some coffee. Whether writing copy for emails, sales pages, articles, or social media post, trust these tools to get the job done. 

This post is sectioned into:

  • Writing copywriting tools.

  • Research copywriting tools. 

  • Productivity copywriting tools. 


SEO Copywriting Tools Online

Some of the best SEO Copywriting Tools are-

Writing Copywriting Tools

1. Grammarly (Free and Paid packages)

Grammarly is the go-to application for pro copywriters. It is a cloud-based English-language writing-enhancement platform that ensures your writing is error-free. You can create a free or premium Grammarly account and get quick feedback on your copy. When done writing, you paste your writing for proof-reading, grammar checking, and catching spelling mistakes.

The grammar mistakes are then underlined, and Grammarly premium provides you with detailed explanations on the mistake. For non-native English copywriters, this App helps improve your knowledge of the language. 

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2. CopyDoodles (Paid)

CopyDoodles offers members the ability to boost their response by adding handwriting and hand-drawn doodles and comics to their copy. The site provides the world's largest hand-drawn marketing graphics, comics, and handwritten fonts. Doodles can be downloaded and placed on any of the online or offline marketing pieces you are working on. 

The extra touch of doodles looks great on both sales copy and direct mail. These doodles grab attention and increase response and readability. Members enjoy quality, expertise, and top-notch support. 

3. Visual Thesaurus (Free)

Visual Thesaurus is an online software that works as an interactive dictionary. It creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words. The setup encourages exploration and learning of new words. Copywriters can utilize the tool to gain a better understanding of the English language.

With Visual Thesaurus, you can find the right word for your copy, develop better vocabulary, and check on the spelling. You type the specific word in the search box at the top of the window and press the "Look it up" button. You will get a word suggestions panel, a meanings list, and the right pronunciation of the word. 

4. Read-Able (Free)

Copywriters should be aiming for 7th-8th-grade reading level when writing, and Read-Able is just the right tool for that. This free copywriting tool automatically and accurately tests the reading level of an excerpt of text. It is easy to use with the possibility of running tests by URL or direct input. The site has a text box where you type or copy and paste the text you would like tested for readability. 

5. Shutterstock (Paid) 

Images within a copy help create a pause in streams of words while helping the reader understand you better. Shutterstock is an online library for royalty-free stock photos, pictures, and videos that can come in handy for copywriters. Using this tool is simple and painless with unmatched picture quality.

Whether looking for illustrations or vectors, Shutterstock offers copywriters the tools to set the scene for the copy. Explore their library for quality images that work perfectly with your text.

Research Copywriting Tools 

6. Semrush (Free and Paid packages) 

Semrush markets itself as an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. This SEO and search analytics software provides intelligence data on website traffic, site audits, and topic research. Additionally, the tool can be used in lead generation and keywords projected Ad Words spend.

Copywriters can use this tool to provide in-depth analysis that can be incorporated into their marketing strategy. It can be used to improve the overall performance of the copy. The competitive analysis provided by this software could quickly propel your copy to a top ranking within the targeted niche. 

Sign up for free here

7. KWFinder (Paid) 

KWFinders is a keyword research and analysis tool for copywriters. Copywriters can use this tool to find keywords that they can easily rank for. Additionally, the tool reveals keywords that competitors in your niche are missing.

New and experienced copywriters can use this tool to find long-tail keywords to include in their copy. It stands out for its ability to get exact search volumes for close variant keywords, further setting your copy apart. 

Productivity Copywriting Tools

8. Freedom (Free and Paid packages) 

Freedom is a computer program that is designed to keep a user from the internet for up to 8 hours. This frees copywriters' tool blocks apps and websites, enabling copywriters to experience the freedom to do what matters. Being always online provides copywriters with a myriad of distractions.

Freedom helps protect your attention and time from distractions. Using this tool, copywriters can commit to productivity. Users can start sessions on-the-fly or schedule Freedom time in advance. Every time you click the Freedom butterfly, it will be time to write. Meet those deadlines with Freedom butterfly. 

9. Trello (Free & Paid)

Trello is a paid web-based project management tool that can be used by copywriters. The application gives copywriters perspective over all their work. It is especially handy when handling a team of copywriters. It's easy to use, highly visual, and without much difficulty, it can bring other people into the circle to work. With a glance, this copywriting tool tells you what's being worked on and what requires immediate attention. 

Copywriters can maximize their potential by utilizing it as a collaborative work management tool. 

10. Timecamp (Free and Paid Packages)

Timecamp is tracking software with activity tracking, screenshots, approval, and add-ons. Copywriters can use this software not only for time tracking but also to track the attendance of team members. This copywriting tool helps copywriters to track time and deliver timesheets based on their work accurately. Additionally, writers can use the app to track time for multiple projects simultaneously and bill many clients at once. 

They say a craftsman is as good as his tools. The right tools will enable you to craft the best possible content for your client. You do not have to be a copywriting maverick to reap the benefits of these tools. Head over to their websites and start your journey towards being a ninja copywriter. 

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