High DA Microblog Submission Sites List (2021)

High DA Microblog Submission Sites List (2021)

I'm sure you'll agree with me that it can be hard to get ranked higher on SERP with microblogging platforms when you don't do it the right way. It doesn't have to be that hard as some microbloggers still use the platform to promote their brand.

Generally, the more words your contents have, the more understanding your posts get. And of course, your audience gets to take one or two things from it. Longer posts are useful to get higher ranking because of the rich-keywords embedded. But, shorter contents are also good to keep your audience's attention.

In this article, we're going to focus our attention on the benefits of microblogging. You'll also get to see the best microblogging sites list in 2021.

What is Microblogging?

Microblogging is an off-page SEO technique for building backlinks and increasing traffic. High DA microblogging sites' backlink has one of the most powerful links in the world.

But are these popular microblogging sites' backlinks still effective today as before?

Well, they're still very effective. You only need to go about it the best way to get results.

Microblogging sites are sites that allow users to exchange short content, including images and videos. These contents (about 140 to 150 characters) are also known as micro-posts. Using the best microblogging sites can help you reach out to your target audience.

Unlike traditional blogging, microblogging is faster to relay several relevant content to your audience. You can do it more often without having to waste time on it.

Examples of microblogging sites are the popular Facebook and Twitter that we use.

Are these the only two? No! Below, you'll see the full list of best microblogging sites.


Benefits of Using Microblogging for SEO Campaign

Microblogging is easy to do as you only need to create short relevant content. And apart from this fact, there are many other benefits that you can get from using it. They are;

1. Time Management

Unlike traditional blogging that you spend lots of time, microblogging consumes less time. Twitter, for instance, don't allow more than 140 characters per post. You get to use the lesser time to develop your content. Even when reading other people's gist, it doesn't take time at all.

2. Connection with Top Influencers

Best microblogging platforms have millions of users visiting their sites regularly. Users are top celebrities, politicians, potential audiences, and influencers in your niche-related area. With these platforms, you can get connected to top influencers and see what they're doing.

3. Quality Backlinks

Most microblogging sites will help you build quality backlinks to your site. When you share relevant and engaging stories, people get attracted to click on your link.

4. Increased traffic

Popular microblogging sites can serve as a platform to get more traffic to your site. When you earn the trust of your audience, they get compelled by your attractive post to visit your site.

5. Improved Domain and Page Authority

Getting ranked higher on the search engine results page is essential for the website. Most of these microblog submission sites have high domain authority DA and PA. They can pass you juice links necessary to increase your site’s DA. With an increase in DA and PA, you can be sure of getting better ranking on SERP.

6. Mobile Friendly

When writing and interacting on traditional blogs, it's hard to use smartphones for writing. But with a microblogging platform, it's easy to write and interact on smartphones due to its short content.

7. More Frequent Posts

In traditional blogging, writing lengthy content can restrict you from posting often. This is not true with microblogging as you can post as often as you want.

8. Improved Social Interaction

With microblogging sites, it's easier to express your mind in a shorter time. You can get across to your target audience by posting your thoughts, chats, and retweets. Since many users visit microblogging sites, you can interact with many people at a time.

9. Online Activeness and Visibility

Microblogging sites are more active than traditional blogging sites. Microblogs are active in the sense that you get to see new posts minutes by minutes. This is a better platform to get your brand visible and popular.

What makes Microblogging hard to do?

When we compare the traditional blogging with microblogging, there are few reasons not to rely fully on microblogging. These are;

  • High DA and PA microblogging sites will pass you with a juice link. Since it involves shorter content, it'll be hard to put enough keywords to rank high. Traditional blogging is better for long-tail keywords.
  • With short contents need, it can be a challenging task to write a precise post with 140 characters. If you need to express yourself well, traditional blogging is best.

  • If you're the type that loves using themes, microblogging sites have limited ideas. Traditional blogs are best if you need templates.


Things to do while using Microblogging Websites

While creating your microblog, it's essential you do the following to achieve success.

  • Ensure you show much real information about your brand. This is to enable your potential audience to know more about your brand.

  • Allow your audience to give feedback about your products or services. It's a better way to get closer to your audience.

  • Follow up on your niche-related users. With this, you can be sure you're getting the right audience to your site.

  • It's not about posting short content alone. You should also take part in other microblogging activities.

  • Use relevant images and short videos to describe your content when necessary.


Tips to follow for best results

1. Use keywords in your short content.

2. Ensure to keep your posts short and precise.

3. Be sure to post relevant content related to your niche.

4. Use hashtags to emphasize your keywords. It gives people the idea of what your post is about.

5. Frequent posting is important to stay consistent and relevant.

6. Keep up with your posts and update them at regular intervals.



Wrapping it up, I hope you'll find this article useful. Microblogging for business purposes is a good way of keeping online businesses visible. Use the high PR microblogging sites list provided above to start promoting your brand. Thee sites are very good for an SEO campaign.

You're free to use the comment section to suggest other microblogging websites. In case you need us to make changes to this article, please let us know.

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