High DA PDF Submission Site List (2019)

High DA PDF Submission Site List (2019)

Have you ever tried using the PDF submission strategy for your brand promotion? Well, you are missing some good benefits if you're not using it. With PDF submission sites, it's easy to build quality backlinks to your site.

As a digital marketer, do you have any PDF about your products or services you'd like to share? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I'm going to share with you the PDF submission sites list in 2019. With these sites, you can share your PDF online to promote your brand.

It's not that easy! But if you follow this article, I'm going to show you the guidelines for a successful PDF submission campaign. With the guidelines, you'll surely find it easy to get across to your target audience.

PDF is an abbreviation which means Portable Document Format. Irrespective of the software or application, PDF is a file format used for documents.

What is PDF Submission in SEO?

PDF submission is an SEO off-page strategy for generating traffic to the website. It involves;

  • Creation of PDF file of your niche-related articles, and

  • Uploading it to top PDF sharing sites.

High DA PDF submission sites can help you build quality backlinks. With these sites, you can drive more traffic to your site and get a higher ranking on SERP.

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Benefits of PDF Submission Sites

PDF sharing sites like other submission sites can help you improve your SEO campaign in many ways. Below, you'll see the benefits attached to using online document sharing sites for your off-page SEO campaign.

1. More Backlinks

PDF submission sites for SEO can help you build quality do-follow backlinks to your site.

Want to know how this is possible?

Document sharing sites are not the best sites to build strong backlinks. In an SEO campaign, you don't have to use one strategy when you can use many. So, best document sharing websites can help support your SEO campaign. To get backlinks from doc sharing sites, ensure your PDF is in a text file. This'll enable search engine crawlers to read and index the file. Your PDF should have clickable hyperlinks. With this hyperlinks, people can get to link to your site to learn more.

2. More Traffic From Top File Sharing Sites

Top PDF sharing sites are popular sites for sharing PDF files. Millions of users visit these sites on a regular basis to get one or two information. If your PDF is handy enough, it can attract many of these users to your site. Everything still depends on how engaging and attractive you write your content.

3. Increased Ranking on Search Engine Results Page

High PR document sharing sites have high domain and page authority. Your documents get fast Indexing by Google when you make use of these sites for submission. That'll help you improve your site's ranking on SERP.

4. Generate Inbound Links

You can generate diverse quality inbound links when you use many top PDF sharing sites. These inbound links are good to get higher ranking on search engines.

5. Visibility on Search Engine Results Page

Your PDF gains more visibility on the search engine results page when you use top file sharing websites. Ensure to use the right keywords on the pdf content.

6. Brand Promotion at Zero Cost

Best free document sharing sites will help you promote your brand without having to pay a dime. It doesn't matter if you have enough money or not. With free online document sharing sites, you can rest assured of building backlinks to promote your site. Choose from the free pdf submission site list below to start your submission.

Tips for a Successful PDF Submission Campaign

Before sharing your PDF on the online document sharing sites, it's advisable you check out the tips below. These tips will serve as guides to a successful submission.

1. Write SEO-Rich Article

Write your contents with niche-related keywords. You should use hyperlinks on rich-keywords in your title, headings, and body tags.

2. Ensure that your PDF file is in a Readable Text File

Make conversion on your article to a readable text file. This is to enable search engines to read your PDF file and thus get fast indexing of your site.

3. Rich-Keyword Title and Description

If you want to get more traffic to your site, you need to create a rich-keyword for your title and description. Ensure you make the title clickable as well. With that, you can get tons of traffic to your site.

4. Avoid Spamming

Spamming is a penalty offense, so avoid spamming these sites. Don't be too carried away by the backlinks you're getting that you start spamming. Avoid using daily more than three sites from the top free file sharing sites below. You should also stay away from posting several PDF files on a single site.

5. Relevant Keyword Tags

Most free file sharing sites will allow you to add keyword tags for your PDF. Ensure you use the best keywords to describe your pdf. It'll enhance the visibility of your file on the search engine.

6. Use the alt element to describe your pdf images

Using alt text on your PDF images will give search engines ease to read and understand your PDF.

How to get started on PDF Submission Sites?

Although there are file-sharing sites without registration, most of the best file sharing sites need you to register.

Make restrictions to the document sharing sites list below for your submission. Choose a site and sign up to create an account. After creating your account, add the necessary details to your profile. Click the Upload tab and select the PDF you wish to share.

Make SEO-rich titles and description of the PDF. Add keyword tags in the resource box and ensure to add your URL link with your description. Click the submit button to finish up your submission.



Ensure you read each sites guidelines before trying to register on the sites. Document sharing sites for SEO have different guidelines, follow them to get quick approval.

Did you find this article helpful?

Go ahead and try out the PDF sites list above. If your budget doesn't include PDF submission, don't feel depressed. The free document sharing sites list above will help you get done with your submission exercise. We're opened to suggestions in case you have top online file sharing sites that weren’t included above. Use the comment section to tell us about anything.

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