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Case Convertor Tool For your Business

Lets you convert to Lowercase, Uppercase, Sentence case, Alternate case etc
Have you been in a position where you’ve written the whole of your document in capital letters, and you need to edit it to small letters? You might have been writing an essay or an article and parts of your headings, body text and titles need capitalization or case change. And the worst part is, you’ll have to manually go through your document and proofread it for errors made. Now, you don’t have to that anymore because of the case converter tool.

What is Case Conversion Tool?

The Case Converter tool is a handy web application that allows you to convert between upper case letters that you can uncapitalize, capitalize, turn to mix case, that’ll transform your text. There are many sub tools in the Case Converter application as explained in detail below.

Convert Text to Uppercase Characters

The “UPPERCASE” button will help you convert lower case letters to uppercase letters. It takes all inputted text and changes them to upper case letters. Writers and authors use them when they want to emphasize some words in their writing like a book cover, newspaper headline, an advertisement, etc. To use this button, you’ll copy your text that needs conversion and paste it into the box. Select the UPPER CASE tab, and the text converted in a few seconds.

Convert Text to Lowercase Characters

The “lowercase” button will make the whole of your selected text to appear in lowercase. If you were wondering how to uncapitalize some of your writings, this is precisely how the lowercase text converter will help you. To do that, you’ll copy your text from your word processor. Then, you’ll paste it into the box and click on the “lowercase” tab. Within a few seconds, you’ll have your writing converted.

Convert Text to Alternating Case Characters

The “aLtErNaTe cAsE” tab will help you convert your text from any format to a document that alternates between the uppercase and the lowercase. Within the same sentence, it’ll generate both the uppercase letters and lower case letters. To do this, you can copy your text from the source of your writing and paste it into the box. And, it’ll automatically convert your letters and sentences in seconds once you click on it.

Convert Text to Sentence Case Characters

The “Sentence Case” button changes your input characters to have a feel of a conventional sentence. It’s where the first letter at the start of every sentence is capitalized. However. It won’t account for proper nouns, and you’ll have to change it by yourself manually. To change your document, you’ll copy your text and paste it into the box for immediate conversion.

Convert Text to Capitalized Case Characters

The “Capitalized Case” button capitalizes every first letter of every word. It includes prepositions, articles, and pronouns. They’re mostly used in book titles, movies, plays, and some articles. It’s used as a preferred choice depending on your writing style. To make use of this tool, copy the text that you need to convert. Then paste it into the provided box and click on the “Capitalize Case” button. In a few seconds, you’ll have your output.
Using the case converter tool comes with lots of benefits to users, especially writers and authors at any level of writing. And, it’s free to use to help you solve your capitalization issues.