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Word Counter Tool for your Business

Want to count the number of words and characters in your content?
The use of word counter tools is upon us. We are at an age where we can’t avoid them. Looking around ourselves, we are always given limits to what we can and need to write. For example, you’ll need to write an admission essay when admitted to the university or college. Once accepted you’ll be writing academic papers, dissertations, and essays. Or, you might be writing an article for different clients around the world. You might be a social media marketer, and you may need to update social media pages frequently. Whatever the situation, one thing stands out from all these situations. It’s the need for a word counter tool. Why do you even need it? You might ask yourself.

Why You Need a Word Counter Tool?

Imagine a scenario where you’ve written a lengthy 10-page article, and provided with a word limit. After finishing up, you need to count the number of words before submission. You manually start to count the words one by one. How would that feel? Lots of work right? It’s a time-consuming process. Thus this tool will help you to realize your word count fast, and the best part is, it’s free and accurate. If you are a writer, you probably understand the importance of this tool. Most articles require that you write a specific limit of words. Different individuals, businesses and websites have their own set of rules and reasons for the number of words they need on their website. This tool will come in handy as it’ll accurately count the number of words and characters in your writing.

How to Use the Text Checker Tool?

This word counter tool has been developed to help you count the number of words and characters in your writing. It’s built to show accurate results to determine how long or short your content is. It’s easy to use. To use it, you can type directly or copy and paste into the box. Your words and characters are automatically counted as well. Alternatively, you can upload your document into the tool and scan it. That’s it. Pretty simple right?

Benefits of Using the Word Counter Tool

With many websites and tools offering word counter service, what makes this one unique? Why would you leave all the others and use this one? There are many benefits one gets by using it, and they include the following:
  • Whether you type, or upload your document from another source, you’ll receive your results instantly. You won’t have to wait.
  • The tool is error-free and delivers extremely accurate findings.
  • It saves you lots of time. If you could manually count the words and characters of your document, it would be time consuming and wasteful.
  • The word counter tool is free to use. You won’t spend a dime as you use it to find your results.

User Privacy with our Word counter Tool

Many word counter tools keep a record of your content in their servers while using them. Unlike those tools, you don’t have to worry about your privacy while using our letter counter tool. We don’t view your content as we understand that your privacy is crucial to you.