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Those of you who do research and maintain the lists of domain names know how tough that research can get. Sometimes it gets very harder to identify sub-domains, as well as domains that have extensions other than .com or .net.

By using Domain Extractor Online, you can save lots of your time by just entering a website address, or copying and pasting a block of text. You can get domain from URL using this online domain parser.

Our Domain Extractor tool is designed for SEOs, Digital Marketers, Web Developers, and Webmasters. Extract Domain Online from any URL.

What does our Domain Extractor Tool do?

This free domain extractor tool helps you to extract domain names from a list of URLs or sub-domains to domains. This online domain extractor service has the following options:

  1. To sort the resulting URLs in both "sorted" and "unsorted" way.
  2. To remove duplicated if found any.
  3. To remove IP Address if there is an IP address found.
  4. Extract a large number of URLs.
  5. To sort all the type of URLs.
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Benefits of using Domain Extractor Tool Online for SEO

Many of the websites provide domain extractor tool online, what makes this one unique? Why should you use this domain extractor from text tool? Check out some benefits one gets by using this domain extractor online.

  1. You will get results instantly.
  2. You can extract a large number of domains at a time.
  3. You will get the result both in the sorted and unsorted way.
  4. By using this tool, you can save lots of your time.
  5. You can extract domain names from text, extract domain from email, etc.
  6. Get domain from URL using this online domain parser

How to get a Domain Name from a URL?

To get a domain name, you don't have to write a program to trim a URL, paste the URL in the above text area, and hit "submit". If you get a better solution, we'll be happy to hear from you.

Instruction to use URL to Domain Extractor Tool Online

  1. Enter your URLs
  2. Click on submit button to extract URLs. You will get all your domains quickly.

How to extract the domain name from URL in Excel?

To extract the domain name from URL in Excel, you need to use this formula. 1. In a blank cell, enter the following equation.

Regex extract domain from URL Example:

I will type the formula in cell B2: =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("www.",A2)), MID(A2,FIND("www.",A2)+4, IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("/",A2,9)), FIND("/",A2,9),LEN(A2)+1)-FIND("www.",A2)-4), MID(A2,FIND("//",A2)+2, IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("/",A2,9)), FIND("/",A2,9),LEN(A2)+1)-FIND("//",A2)-2)) domain extractor online

2. After that press Enter key, and select the cell B2, drag the fill handle down over to the range up to where you want to apply this formula, all the unique domain names will get extracted from each URL. extract domain from text
Use the above mentioned excel domain name extractor function if you want to do it later on your computer in offline mode.

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